LiTHe Vilse är orienteringsföreningen för alla som pluggar på Linköpings Universitet.
Vi har träningar nästan alla dagar i veckan och håller oss för det mesta inom cykelavstånd från Ryd.

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LiTHe Vilse is an orienteering club for students at Linköping University.

Everyone, from elite runners to beginners, swedes and exchange students, are welcome to our club. Come join us!

We collaborate with LiTHe Syra and LiU Elitidrott. Together we have training allmost every day of the week. Se our common training calender here.

The training varies from technical orienteering to cross-contry running and strenght training. We are usually about 20-50 students at each training.

Except training we also arrange parties. Linköpings best parties if you ask us! You will find them in the calender and we will post on facebook.

We usually don't give information in English. But you are always welcome to ask someone in the board. You can find our contact information here or just send an message to our facebook page.

If you want to become a member there is a small fee at 50 SEK. For international students it's often easier to pay in cash to our cashier in the board (In swedish called "Kassör").

Welcome to one of the worlds biggest student orienteering clubs!

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